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'Mad Mad Mad' in a commercial for Smart eBike 

Almost the entire song 'Mad Mad Mad' is now featured in a commercial for the supersonic electric bike from Smart. Thanx to our friends from Sizzer Amsterdam who arranged the synch.
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New website: I WRITE SONGS


Well, I've been writing songs ever since I was 9, but I just put a new website online that focuses on just my song-writing:
So if you need a co-writer,  someone to do your (pre-)production, orchestration or someone to write/ produce a song for your TV-commercial, here's you one-stop pop solution. And if you like what you hear, drop me a line and visit my new studio. I also make great coffee.
Thank you to Bas van Geldere for designing the website, and thank you to Strangelove for handing me a good idea.