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'Mad Mad Mad' in a commercial for Smart eBike 

Almost the entire song 'Mad Mad Mad' is now featured in a commercial for the supersonic electric bike from Smart. Thanx to our friends from Sizzer Amsterdam who arranged the synch.
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GRAM 3.0

Muziek staat nooit stil. En GRAM (ex-Seedling Marg van Eenbergen) zit zeker nooit stil. Na haar zelfgeproduceerde solo-debuut ‘Four-letter Word’ maakte ze haar tweede plaat ‘Play Me’ samen met Simon Akkermans (C-mon & Kypski) en een vijfmansband, blazers, Kyteman, Lucky Fonz en zelfs het Metropole-orkest. ‘Play Me’ leverde 5-sterren-recensies op en songs kwamen onder commercials terecht.

Nog geen jaar na de release is het alweer tijd om het roer om te gooien. In aanloop naar de derde plaat heeft GRAM zichzelf nòg maar eens opnieuw uitgevonden. De band bestaat anno 2012 naast Marg uit bassist Bas van Geldere (o.a. Dicky Curtis, Shane Shu) en drummer/producer Jasper Verburgh.

In deze derde incarnatie wordt zowel op het podium als in de muziek een prominente plek ingeruimd voor elektronica. GRAM maakt nog steeds onmiskenbaar catchy songs, tegenwoordig in een saus van beats en synthesizers. Noem het discorock, denk aan No Doubt, Garbage en the Ting-Tings.

GRAM is:
Marg van Eenbergen: zang, gitaar, synths
Bas van Geldere: bas, gitaar, synths
Jasper Verburgh: drums, samples

ENGLISH BIO Gram 'Play Me' release

When Gram announced that she was going to record her new album with producer Simon Akkermans, eyebrows were raised. Gram (singer/ song writer Marg van Eenbergen) had made her mark nationally and internationally as the lead singer of indie-pop band Seedling. Simon is best known for his electro/ hip-hop outfit C-mon & Kypski. A risky pairing? Certainly.  But one that delivered, as the first single 'Play Me' abundantly shows: a catchy pop tune, a mandolin, and an oh-oh-oh chorus that will lodge in your head until you go to bed.

Eager for more? October 7 2011 will see the release of the full-length album by the same name (Torntable Records/ Rough Trade). One eclectic musical feast, served in 3-minute indie pop songs. With melodies that may take you back to the 60s, but lyrics that have the cheek of the 70s. Most of the songs Marg wrote in a cabin in the middle of nowhere of Sweden's forests, and for 'Statues and Still Life', a song about Vincent van Gogh, she spent a week in France visiting places he'd lived.

Once she had decided on the 12 songs for the album, Marg felt that each of them deserved a very special production and sound. So she set up a wish list of artists she wanted to collaborate with... and saw all her wishes come true: Horns by the Amsterdam Klezmer Band and Kyteman, her own arrangements on two songs played by the entire Metropole Orchestra, and Lucky Fonz III on the murder ballad 'Lisa & Matthew'. And to top it off, a whole host of different artist she'd randomly run into in the halls and studios of the Epic Rainbow Unicorn-studio (part of the Kytopia compound) where most of the album was produced.

Music should be made together, music should be played together. In the run up to this album, Marg shared the entire song writing and pre-production process via a 24/7 webcam in her home studio and weekly youtube videos. New songs were premiered, new band members introduced. And now the band is stepping out onto stage to add the final ingredient to the mix: you.

Gram's music is a celebration, and you are invited.