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'Mad Mad Mad' in a commercial for Smart eBike 

Almost the entire song 'Mad Mad Mad' is now featured in a commercial for the supersonic electric bike from Smart. Thanx to our friends from Sizzer Amsterdam who arranged the synch.
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New song for new commercial!


I was asked by Mandemakers Kitchens to compose a song especially for their new 'Hart Van Je Huis' campagne. So here it is: watch the 20 sec version or the 10 sec tag-on of  'A Place To Be With You'. Also featuring: Mickey Smid (mix), Joost van Dijck (guitars and drums), Willem van der Weide (violin) and Florien Hamer (cello). Thank you Friendly Fire & Scheepens for an inspiring collaboration! Call me again guys; I've also got songs about bedrooms, livingrooms, garden sheds...